How to Choose a Electric Deep Fryer

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How to Choose a Electric Deep Fryer

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With the improvement of living standards and the influence of Western-style fast food, fried chicken, fried chicken chops, fried skewers and other fried foods are deeply loved by consumers, especially young people. More and more fried chicken restaurants and fast food restaurants are landing on the streets. , Catering bosses are in great demand for electric fryers.

So what should you pay attention to when buying a fryer?

If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. For small partners who are ready to open a restaurant and start a business, it is very important to choose a high-performance electric fryer.

The following important parameters must be paid attention to when choosing an electric fryer:

1. Oil Tank

At present, commercial electric fryers on the market are divided into single tank electric fryers, double tank electric fryers, and triple tank electric fryers according to the number of tanks. For commercial use, it is recommended to choose a double tank electric fryer or more, which should also be determined according to the flow of people in the restaurant. The multi tank electric fryer can fry different foods at the same time, and the food will not be smelly.

2. Intelligent temperature control

When you usually fry chicken nuggets, do you feel that the food is too burnt when the heat is too high, and the food is soft when the heat is too low. The fried food is the most important heat. Catertop fryer comes with a temperature limiting device, so that the switch does not fire and is safe. The oil temperature of the Catertop fryer is controllable within the range of 100°C to 200°C. When the oil temperature exceeds 200°C, carcinogens will be produced, which will also affect the taste and taste of food.

3. Heat pipe

The heat pipe is a key component that provides heat throughout the machine. The curved stainless steel heating tube of Catertop fryer is evenly heated and durable. It heats up faster than the round heating tube on the market, which makes the oil last longer. The shortening can be changed every three days at most, which saves a lot of money.

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